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A POP ‘High Five’ with Millie Phillips!

Millie Phillips POP
We are delighted to announce that  Millie Phillips will be joining the Proof of the Pudding team as our newest Account Executive for The Ballroom at the Carlos Center and representative of some of our other Proof of the Pudding off-premise accounts. Continuing the delivery of first class service to our clients, Millie brings with her a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and a commitment to customer service.

Beginning her career in the culinary field as a server and trainer, Millie worked her way up to become the Director of Sales for one of Concentrics premier locations. For over six years she was a valued member of Concentrics corporate sales team where she honed her skills selling eleven different properties. Millie’s most recent position was as Catering Sales Manager with Sodexo at Zoo Atlanta. We love Millie’s passion for creating memories by helping clients tell their stories and by bringing their event visions to life!

We had the chance this week to present Millie with our ‘POP High Five’ – five fast and fun questions so you could get to know her better. Her answers are fresh and informative…enjoy!

POP:  What food do you love most? 
MILLIE:  Anything sweet and anything fresh. Love fresh fruits, veggies, and virtually every dessert ever made in the history of time.

POP:  What is your favorite season in Atlanta?
MILLIE:  Spring, because everything seems to wake up and come alive. All things seem possible when trees sprout fresh leaves, the grass becomes green, and the flowers bloom.

POP:  What music are you really into right now?
MILLIE:  Prince and all of his music. My first concert was the Purple Rain tour and I was at his last concert here in Atlanta.

POP:  What’s the quote or motto you live by?
MILLIE:  My motto is “Give until it hurts, and then give some more.”

POP:  We’ll end our ‘High Five’ by asking, do you have a favorite knock-knock joke?
MILLIE:  Knock Knock
‘Who’s there?’
‘Theodore who?’
‘Theodore wasn’t opened so I knocked’
POP:  Nice! You’ve gotta’ love a smart knock-knock joke that comes full circle!

To connect with Millie Phillips at The Ballroom at the Carlos Center you can reach her at 404-898-1757 or by email at

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