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A POP Wedding Of Epic Proportions

Proof of the Pudding recently had the honor of working alongside partner venue, the Infinite Energy Center, and Your Event Solutions to produce a wedding of epic proportions. With 21,600 square feet of event space, 4 large load-in trucks, over 1,000 flower stems and an infinite amount of delicious Proof catering, this 1,500 person wedding was one night to remember!

Our goal for weddings is to make the dreams of our brides come true. These words of appreciation shared by the couple’s wedding planner demonstrates how we achieved that for one very special family:

“From the first meeting with [Proof of the Pudding] Candice, Megan, and then meeting Daryl and many of the other people involved it was not the stressful wedding planning situation that is typical in this industry. I truly believe that it was the team of people we were surround by that made the difference. While the venue is great on many levels, we all know its heartbeat and success depends on the people within the walls.

Candice and her can do, will do, attitude brought a comfort level to the process that many people could never achieve. She thought of every detail and always brought a smile and calmness to any situation. She knew she would have the backing required to get any request filled. Every planning meeting she offered a smile, a laugh, a warmth that carried over day in and day out. The menu was well thought through and executed perfectly. Even in the mass quantity, every plate was delivered to the standards promised. Proof knows what they are doing when it comes to quality and knows how to deliver on the menu they promise, every time, with every plate.

Daryl went above and beyond to make sure everything was moving along how it should during the pre planning and also during the event. Anything that was needed he was right there to make sure it was taken care of. He and Candice even went the extra mile and made sure the cake after the event was boxed and delivered to the family. They did that because they actually care, not because it was required of them.

Megan made sure anything we needed from the building would happen. Every logistical detail was nailed. The staff from the building, room layouts, any needs from the building were met through Megan and her radio. Anything she requested was simply considered done. She was easy to work with, work through, and the design team was able to work their magic because they knew they would not have to jump hurdles to make it happen with someone at the building making life difficult. Megan was always right there to help, make changes, just make things work and get the job done. Things happen on the fly and she didn’t skip a beat nor make us feel like we were any inconvenience. Once again proving why we made the right choice for our event.

The Chefs, many of the supervisors, any of the employees that we met during the process made us feel like we were wanted and they appreciated that we chose the Infinite Energy Center. The days leading up to the wedding and the wedding itself was THE perfect experience. We cannot thank everyone involved enough and would recommend the center to anyone who would like to have a top notch event, at a beautiful location, working with people who truly care about you and making your event perfect.”

Enjoy a few beautiful moments of this 1,500 person wedding captured in photography by Michael Heape Photography.

Proof of the Pudding 1Proof of the Pudding 3Proof of the Pudding 4 Proof of the Pudding 5Proof of the Pudding 2Proof of the Pudding 6 Proof of the Pudding 7 Proof of the Pudding 8Proof of the Pudding 9 Proof of the Pudding 11 Proof of the Pudding 12 Proof of the Pudding 16Proof of the Pudding 13 Proof of the Pudding 24

To view more Michael Heape Photography of this wedding visit our album on the Proof of the Pudding Facebook page.


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