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#POPstar Spotlight :: Jeffrey Hollington

With spring right around the corner there’s no better time than now for a #POPstar spotlight! Enjoy our fast and fun interview with Proof of the Pudding Sales Executive, Jeffrey Hollington (aka. Jeffro). Always outgoing and upbeat –get to know more in this interview about Jeffrey and the colorful creativity he brings to our team!

Jeffrey Hollington Artwork 1Artwork by Jeffrey Hollington

POP:  What do you like best about being a part of the sales team at Proof of the Pudding?

JEFFREY:  We have a really great time! It makes a huge difference to have a team that wants to see each other succeed and to be successful. I have worked for several other catering companies that haven’t had that type of ‘team spirit’ and it’s hard to excel in that environment.

POP:  Do you have a favorite POP dish?

JEFFREY:  Our food is delicious so it’s hard to say…but I love anything our new Pastry Chef (Rob Porter) makes. I also love the Coca-Cola Braised Short Ribs with fluffy Vidalia Onion Mashed and Brussel Sprouts. And all of our flatbreads!!! I just got hungry, hold on I’ve got to grab a snack…be right back!

POP:  When not working we hear you love to paint…tell us about that!

JEFFREY:  Yes, I love to paint! I have a Bachelors of Fine Art in Illustration from Syracuse University. I had put my painting aside for a few years (never stopped drawing but painting just got away from me). I had a hard year last year and was encouraged to start painting again. It’s my escape. My mind is always going and painting is the only time I don’t think about or worry about anything, it’s amazing! I had several people take notice and have been doing a lot of commission paintings. I’m so happy to be painting again – didn’t realize how much I missed doing it!

POP:  Would you say that your paintings have a particular style?

JEFFREY:  No particular ‘style.’ But my paintings are realistic and push boundaries with color. I take lots of creative license with color. And it’s funny, some pieces take an hour to complete, while others take weeks to finalize.

POP:  What’s your favorite medium to paint in?

JEFFREY:  I was trained in oils, but my preference is working in acrylic on canvas.

POP:  Where do you find the inspiration that sparks your artistic creativity?

JEFFREY:  I love painting people and pets. When I’m painting someone’s dog I typically make up a story about them and imagine what their personality is like and how they probably act. It helps me connect with the subject – it’s weird but fun!

POP:  To date, have any of your paintings found a new home somewhere that’s special or unique?

JEFFREY:  Well, currently I’m working with The Take Action art auction in Los Angeles – donating two pieces to raise funds that will benefit victims of sexual abuse, domestic abuse, human trafficking and abandonment. Those pieces are a 30″x40″ acrylic on canvas of Wonder Woman and a 16″x20″ piece on Barbara Gordon (Cat Woman).

I also recently helped with a project for Proof’s Ben Witte – which hangs in his office. For that project, I partnered with several of Proof of the Pudding’s employees to create 12″x12″ paintings that represent the vision for each POP team. The photos below are an example of that collaboration with staff.

This artwork represents the POP Zoo Atlanta team.Jeffrey Hollington artwork 5

This artwork represents Proof’s The Ballroom at the Carlos Center team.Jeffrey Hollington artwork 6

POP:  Jeffrey, what is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

JEFFREY:  That I’ve run 57 full marathons (26.2miles) and 11 ultra-marathons (38.3 miles and 48.6miles)!

Jeffrey Hollington Artwork 2Jeffrey Hollington Artwork 3Jeffrey Hollington Artwork 4


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